Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Loss Review 2024


Can Apple Cider Vinegar improve your hair growth and reduce your hair loss? To find out more, then take a quick look through our Apple Cider Vinegar Hair loss review which will look at the different benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar and if it should be used by you or avoided at all costs. We will also point out the level of expectations or progress that one can expect along with our recommendations and alternatives that have worked wonders for us.

Face the Problem:

Has your hair started to fall out of late or has that receding hairline got progressively worse? If so and you want to keep the hair that you have in place, then face up to the fact that this problem needs to be tackled from multiple angles and one of these angles can come in the form of Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV for short.

A small volume of hair loss is natural every day, but you need hair to grow back in its place, so it is important to protect the hair growth follicle at all times. Hair loss is a dermatological condition also known as Alopecia which involves hair thinning, shedding, bald patches and excessive loss of hair and one product alone can have limited results from our experiences.

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In this review, we will outline some of the application procedures that you can follow along with some of the best brands and products that you can try to help you on your way in supporting the overall goal of restoring your hair back to its former glory.

Apple Cider Vinegar Overview:

Also know as ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar has become more popular in recent years due to it various benefits that it can offer and one of these is its ability to clear your scalp of any debris and encourage improved hair growth. It has become very popular within various sectors as it has been shown to support the maintenance of proper blood pressure levels, reducing cholesterol, reducing weights and controlling the blood sugar levels to mention just a few.

What is it?

It is a vinegar prepared from the fermentation of apple juice and is normally used in kitchens and it works by hydrating the scalp making the follicles and roots stronger.

2 Types of Apple Cider Vinegar Available (ACV)

  • 1. Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar – this is the mother version which has low water content and rich in minerals, residues and nutrients and is used in kitchens and home remedies – best option
  • 2. Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar – has a brownish color and is diluted with water. It has a clearer solution with the removal of any sediments and heavy residues.

Mineral and Nutrients Included in ACV:

Citric acid
Acetic acid
Malic acid
Vitamin B
Vitamin C

Apple Cider Vinegar Pros in Brief:

High levels of stock availability and brand choices
Low cost applications so it is more affordable for people who need to work on lower type budgets
Supports hair fiber quality and the follicle underneath
Increases blood flow & nutrients to the hair follicle

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Loss

I only came across this recently of using Apple Cider Vinegar for treating hair loss and we will outline to the best of our ability what we have learned which we hope can benefit you in some way – sharing is caring, right?

So how does Apple Cider Vinegar help in reducing Hair loss?

It can help your hair quality and hair growth in a number of ways from what we have seen outlined briefly as follows:

  • Scalp Cleaning: Clears the scalp of any sebum that can build up over time. This sedum, dirt and unwanted blockages can reduce hair growth and even stop it growing naturally the way it should be. Using ACV will cleanse and clear your hair follicles from the root allowing it to grow to its full potential
  • Dandruff: It can also be used as a mechanism to prevent, clear and reduce dandruff levels on your hair by providing an environment which is acidic. Dandruff can contribute towards hair thinning and hair miniaturization and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Circulation: The ACV improves the blood circulation around the hair follicle which in turn supports the growth activity under the skin surface. More blood flow means that the level of hair miniaturization can be reduced as they are provided with more nutrients and oxygen in the hair follicles.
  • Sebum: It assists in reducing the reoccurrence of sebum build up again and supports a more balanced PH level so that your hair has an increased opportunity to flourish and grow as it is intended to do.
  • Irritations: If you have scalp irritations, ACV can be used to reduce these irritations and also reduce the level of DHT on the scalp or flakiness on the scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar Product Recommendations:

The best Apple Cider Vinegar products should be unfiltered and raw as filtered alternatives removes the natural minerals and nutrients that you typically can get. Below are some of the products that we have used and can recommend personally – all 3 of these products are very affordable and can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free…

1, Dynamic Health Organic Cider Vinegar with Mother

Product Summary:

Unpasteurized & unfiltered
16 Ounce and 128 Ounce bottles
Includes mother of vinegar
Made from Organic apples
USDA Certified Organic
Price Guide: Less than $5.00

2, Goli Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins

Product Summary:

Includes “The Mother” vinegar
Pack of 60 – Gluten Free
Organic gummies – easy to use
Gelatine free, Vegan, Made in USA
Packed with Vitamin B12 and B9
Price Guide: Less than $20

3, Bragg Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Product Summary:

Raw and Unfiltered ACV
Bottle size is 16 Fl Oz
Certified organic raw apples
Diluted to 5% acidity
Made in the USA
Price Guide: Less than $10

More Benefits that we came across:

In addition to helping your hair, there are several other benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar which are briefly outlined as follows:

  • Build ups: Reduces and prevents the build up of yeast and bacteria
  • PH: Supports a correct PH level in the hair of 3.67
  • Infections: Clears infections such as bacterial infections
  • Inflammations: Help reduce inflammations of the skin or scratching with can cause flaking on the scalp.
  • Malic Acid: The malic acid within provides anti-septic capabilities to assist in clearing any irritations / infections
  • Free Radicals: Helps to reduce the aging of the skin on the scalp by working on the free radicals that need electrons which can damage other cells associated to hair and the skin
  • Healthy Cells: Citric acid acts as an anti-oxidant which again helps to control free radicals and protect healthy cells.
  • Fibers: Hair fibers are cleaner, stronger and smoother which in turns gives you a healthier looking head of hair.

Steps in Apple Cider Vinegar Preparation:

If you need to know how it is made, there are 3 main steps in the formulation of ACV

  1. Crush fresh apples to extract all the apple juices
  2. Add bacteria and yeast for the fermentation process which converts the sugar to alcohol
  3. During the fermentation, the vinegar is converted to Apple Cider Vinegar

Application Techniques in your Daily Routine

There are 3 different ways that it can be incorporated into your daily routine be it as a supplement, as a hair rinse or simply just applying it to your daily diet

1, Add it to your Diet (Daily)

Use tablespoon measures
Add to meals or recipes
Add to broths, soups or stews
Add to salad dishes
Mix with tea or plain water

2, Apply as a Hair Rinse (twice/wk)

Add ACV to water
Ensure a 1 to 1 measured ratio
Mix thoroughly
Apply the rinse to wet hair
Allow to soak for 10 minutes
Then rinse clean thoroughly

3, Take as a Supplement:

Buy ACV tablets or pills
Available in health stores
Available in capsule format
To be swallowed with water
Repeat once or twice per day


While Apple Cider Vinegar cannot reverse baldness or stop the process of male pattern baldness or hair miniaturization, it can be used as a support mechanism in conjunction with other hair restoration products which are outlined on our recommended page here that includes minoxidil and finasteride.

Dandruff can cause hair thinning so if you suffer from this condition, you should use ACV to help clear your dandruff and also reduce the level of hair miniaturization and thinning. Do we recommend it? Yes, but only as an added support to your hair care routine. Do not expect it to cure your Hair loss problems on its own as it can only support the routine that you already have in place.


Can you educate the wider community with your experiences or recommendations?

If so, please share your feedback of using Apple Cider Vinegar in the comment box section provided below!


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