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Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit our Capillus Laser Cap Hair Regrowth Review which you should definitely take a quick look through if you are thinking about buying it in the coming days or weeks. This laser cap has worked wonders for many people (apparently) yet there is limited results for so many other users also so here we will try to share our review which will hopefully make it clearer for you if you should invest your hard-earned money on this hair laser cap or not.

This review will cover 3 different caps namely the Capillus 82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap, the Capillus 202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap and the Capillus Pro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap so at least you have more than once choice when it comes to making a final decision. We will outline the pros (advantages) and cons (limitations) along with all the main features that it has to offer to the general public. In addition, to this, we will outline a series of frequently asked questions that has come up which hopefully will answer most of the queries that you may have along with a comparison table for the 3 caps under the Capillus brand mentioned above.

Before you begin, please be aware that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on promotional activities, so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

Laser Cap Review Content

  • Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions
  • Part 2: Outline of the Capillus Laser Cap Options – Key Points (82 / 202 / Pro)
  • Part 3: Capillus Laser Cap Review – Pros and Cons
  • Part 4: Timeframe for Results
  • Part 5: Comparisons of the Capillus82 vs 202 vs Pro
  • Part 6: Conclusion & Feedback

Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions


Brand:Capillus Laser Caps
Products:Capillus 82, 202 & Pro
Treatment:FDA cleared for medical treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia
Guarantee:1 year warranty from date of purchase
Price Guide:$800 to $3200 (at the time of this review) – View today’s price here
Reliable Stockist:Amazon – View today’s stock availability here

Overview on Suitable Applicants for this Laser Cap:

Starting off, if you are not in the shaded areas below in terms of hair loss, then you should not buy this laser device as it will be complete waste of time and money for you. If your hair loss is within the shaded areas, then this could possible work for you and you should read on and learn more below…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Capillus Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth (10)

Q1. How long are the sessions for the Capillus laser caps?
A. The sessions for the Capillus laser caps last for only 6 minutes
Q2. How often does it need to be used?
A. These Capillus laser caps needs to be used every single day
Q3. Can you use other hair loss treatment products in conjunction with this?
A. Yes, you can you use other hair loss treatment products with this also
Q4. Are these made in Asia?
A. No, these laser caps are designed and made in the USA.
Q5. Does it need to be plugged in when you are using it?
A. No, it operates with a rechargeable battery so all you need to do is charge the device battery
Q6. Will I see immediate results for such a big investment?
A. No, you will need to wait 3 months minimum for the hair follicles to restore and start growing again
Q7. How can I keep track of my own progress?
A. You should take pictures of your scalp before treatment, during and after and then make your comparisons
Q8. Does it include the rechargeable battery or does it need to be bought separately?
A. Yes, it includes the rechargeable battery
Q9. Will this work on bald spots that have been bald for a considerable length of time?
A. No, if you have bald areas or severe hair loss, then laser treatment will have very limited improvements
Q10. What is the main difference between the Capillus82, the 202 and the Pro?
A. The main difference is the number of laser diodes (82, 202 and 272 respectively

Part 2: Outline summary of the Capillus Laser Cap Options

1, Capillus82 Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy Cap

Main Points to Note:

Includes 82 5mW laser diodes
Hands free operation
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Boasts a 95% success rate
Designed for men and women
FDA cleared & clinically proven
Reverses hereditary hair loss
Daily usage of 6 minutes needed
Made in the USA with support
No interior LED lights
Treats hair loss and hair thinning
Takes 3 -6 months to see results
1 year limited warranty
Price Guide: $800 -$1000
Available @ Amazon

2, Capillus202 Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy Cap

Main Points to Note:

Includes 202 5mW laser diodes
ISO 13485 certified
Daily usage of 6 minutes required
Made in the USA
No interior LED lights
Rechargeable battery
Reports a 95% success rate
Designed for women / men
FDA cleared
Stops hereditary hair loss
Treats hair loss & hair thinning
Takes 3 -6 months for results
1 year warranty included
Price Guide: $1700 -$2200
Available @ Amazon

3, CapillusPro Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy Cap

Main Points to Note:

Includes 272 5mW laser diodes
6 minute sessions per day
Made in the USA with support
No interior LED lights
Treats hair miniaturization
Takes 3 -6 months for visible results
Hands free use friendly
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Reports with a 95% success rate
Can be used by men and women
FDA cleared in the USA
Reduces hair loss / thinning hair
1 year limited warranty
Price Guide: $2500 -$3500
Available @ Amazon


Further Images for the Capillus Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy Caps are outlined below (5)

Part 3: Capillus Laser Cap Review – Pros and Cons

Pros (Advantages)

  • This laser hair regrowth cap has been FDA cleared and has been clinically tested for treating hereditary hair loss which is required as standard and comes recommended by specific expert doctors
  • Sessions are quick and are over in just 6 short minutes which allows you to get on with the rest of you day
  • Can be used in conjunction with a number of other hair loss treatment products be it tablets, foams or shampoos – view my recommended list here
  • It includes the laser only technology and does not have any interior LED lights at all and as it is made in the USA, you are supporting your own community
  • They have a dedicated US based customer support team who are available to answer any queries that you may have.
  • It is easy to put on, it is discreet and comes in a natural fabric as one would see with a regular cap so your appearance when using it is a lot more genuine
  • There is great coverage across your entire scalp and there is no arm fatigue as what can be experienced when using laser combs
  • Safe and effective to use with no known side effects whatsoever and studies report over 50% more hair during trials even after 17 weeks.
  • You get the option of 3 different price points to choose from depending of the level of money that you wish to invest and can afford to pay.

Cons (Limitations)

  • They boast a success rate of 95% yet the feedback from the general public seems to be lower than this
  • It does not have the extra laser power from the medical grade lasers on the Theradome PRO LH80 laser helmet which tend to perform a lot better
  • This laser cap needs to be used every day where other laser helmets need only 3 sessions per week
  • In my opinion, the price of this without the medical grade lasers is too high and is simply unaffordable for many households. For the level of money you invest, I believe it should have medical grade lasers.
  • Even though it is made in the USA, many of the raw materials used are foreign based and are not in the USA. Plus it is stated as being “FDA cleared” not “FDA approved” and there is a difference!
  • Only effective for existing hair that is still alive or thinning. If you have severe hair loss for a considerable amount of time, then this laser cap will have very limited positive results for you.
  • Many of the results showcased are for the very expensive CapillusPro cap option which is a little too convenient for my liking – I haven’t seen any results from clinical trials for the 82 or the 202 versions.
  • There are minimal results seen in the first 3 months which is disappointing and you have to wait generally 6 months to see initial positive results and even a lot more than this in some cases.
  • There is no money back guarantee after 6 months like what is offered with other brands –  example: check my Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Hair Growth Helmet review here

View also while you are here:

Part 4: Timeframe for Results

What timeframes can you expect to see any results? Take a look below at the expected timeframe of what you can expect if you choose to buy and start using a Capillus Hair Regrowth Cap

  1. First 3 months: Minor hair shedding can occur as the new anagen hair push out the older thinner hairs
  2. Month 3 to 6: Hair loss levels significantly reduce which is a hugely important step to keep your existing hair
  3. Month 6 to 12: Hair regrowth starts to take place, hair follicles become stronger and fuller
  4. Month 12 onwards: Much improved hair regrowth and a lot less hair being lost as long as you continue to use it.

Part 5: Capillus Hair Regrowth Laser Cap Comparisons

Below is a comparison of the Capillus82 vs the Capillus202 vs the CapillusPro to add further clarity on what each of these laser caps have to offer you.

Diode Quantity:82 laser diodes202 laser diodes272 laser diodes
Sessions:6 minutes per day6 minutes per day6 minutes per day
Clearance:FDA clearedFDA clearedFDA cleared
Usability:Hands freeHands freeHands free
Power Source:Rechargeable batteryRechargeable batteryRechargeable battery
Work rate:Base settingCapillus82 x 2.5Capillus82 x 3.3

Part 6: Conclusion & Feedback


Would I buy this laser buy? To be honest – no. Firstly, I don’t like the way it is stated as being FDA cleared as opposed to being FDA approved. Secondly, the price is beyond what I can afford to pay anyway and I also don’t like the fact that there is no 6 month money back guarantee like what is offered from alternative brands. If you decide you want to give it a go, then by all means try it but for me, I would prefer to give it a miss and look elsewhere. I also felt that some of their claims are too exaggerated for my liking and again I would prefer a brand that would stand behind a 6 month money back guarantee like the Theradome or the iRestore laser caps

Feedback Needed:

Have you used a Capillus Laser Hair Growth Cap yourself in the recent past? Did it work or was it a complete waste of time and money? Or did you try my recommended product list?

If so, please share your experiences and feedback good or bad in the comment section provided below – So that others across the wider community can learn also!!!

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this review because it is deals with hair loss, and I am starting to have that problem.  This cap looks like a nice cheap way to go about the problem, and it seems like it will be an easy way to do it as well.  I like how it does not take long every day, just six minutes!

  2. Just came across this as I was browsing hair related products. Very good thorough review my friend.  A Laser cap that makes hair grow?  I had to laugh when I first saw it, but I agree with you, I would never buy one, and since you also recommend we do not buy one, then what should a person buy? I noticed that all three models have only a two star review!  I do not think I would ever buy anything with only a two star review! I am also concerned about the long term health risks one may have by pointing lasers into your head, what it may do to the brain.  So glad I have a full head of hair.  LOL

  3. I had no idea this had even existed until today as my husband is seeking a solution when we where going through some of these web pages. This might be just the perfect thing that we need and I really appreciate all the information you have provided as I have never learned or heard anything about this before and you have actually really educated us about it in a great level of detail

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