Coconut Oil Hair Loss Treatment Review 2024


Have you heard of people using Coconut oil for Hair loss or Hair growth before? Are you looking to find out if Coconut oil can help resolve your hair loss problems? If so, then check out this Coconut oil Hair loss treatment review which will share with you our own personal experiences of using it over a period of 4 weeks. We have also reviewed and looked at feedback from the wider community so at least you are getting a broader view from across the general public instead of giving you our own opinions alone.

After reviewing several products, the focus for our testing review has been on the Organic Coconut oil from Bio Schwartz which doesn’t include any artificial sweeteners or flavourings and already this product has multiple reviews from previous users in the past, so it certainly does have some benefits that people are enjoying. We will also point out the key points you need to know along with the pros and cons in terms of hair growth and how it compares to other hair loss restoration treatment products and programmes in this sector.

Coconut Oil Hair Loss Treatment Review Content:

  1. Section 1: Product Overview with FAQ’s
  2. Section 2: Coconut Oil Review
  3. Section 3: General information – Ingredients / Procedures etc
  4. Section 4: What do Previous Users Say? Examples Outlined
  5. Section 5: Our Conclusion with Optional Feedback

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Section 1: Product Overview with FAQ’s

Brand:Bio Schwartz
Product:Organic Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed and Unrefined
Supply:60 servings
Price Guide:Less than $20 @ Amazon – View Today’s Updated Price Here
Pack Size:120 Soft gels
Support:Toll free +1 (855) 739-2206

Frequently Asked Questions about Coconut Oil (8)

Q1. Is there any guarantee’s available?
A. Yes, they offer a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.
Q2. Is this coconut oil gluten free?
A. Yes, this Bio Schwartz Organic coconut oil is gluten free
Q3. How long does it take to start seeing the benefits?
A. This will vary from person to person but usually happens after 4 weeks
Q4. Can it be used by both men and women?
A. Yes, these soft-gels from Bio Schwartz can be taken by both women and men
Q5. Is there Carrageen included?
A. No, there is no Carrageen included in the formula
Q6. How many mg in one soft-gel?
A. Each soft-gel has 1000mg, so you take 2 soft-gels per day
Q7. Can these soft-gels be taken by Vegans?
A. Yes, this soft-gel is suitable for Vegans
Q8. Is any bleach or hexane used in the processing system?
A.  No, there is no bleach or hexane used in the manufacturing process.

Section 2: Coconut Oil Review

Bio Schwartz Organic Coconut Oil

Main Features in Summary:

Supports healthier nails / skin
Supports weight loss targets
Cold pressed organic coconuts
100% pure & 100% guaranteed
Taken as soft gels x 120
2 soft-gels taken per day
60-day supply duration
Supports hair quality
Rich in MCT MCFA / Solvent free
Helps against aging / Non-GMO
Supports blood pressure
Made in the USA

Product Description:

  • This organic Coconut oil is one of the most popular coconut oil products and brands in the market and it is made from cold pressed organic coconuts, they are unrefined and gluten free and also solvent free. They are non - GMO and are 100% pure with extra virgin.
  • When taken over a specified time, this organic coconut oil can help to improve healthier hair, support weight loss / nail quality / skin quality and supports anti-aging and the blood pressure systems. They also come actively with MCT MCFA and it helps to improve your overall health including your cardio system, brain health and possible constipation problems.
  • The formulated ingredients ensure they are rich in fatty acids and MCT and it doesn’t include any trans-fats
  • The packet here includes 120 soft gels and the price when last seen on sale can generally be found for less than $20 or $30 depending where you look. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it is made and formulated by doctors in the USA.

Pros Worth Noting:

  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back which certainly adds confidence when they can support the product like this.
  • There are no additions as it is 100% pure, solvent free and it is also Gluten free
  • Supports various health benefits such as weight loss, healthier hair, nails, skin, blood pressure and energy levels.
  • It is made in the USA and formulated by a team of doctors to ensure they have the highest and purest levels. It is free of solvents and chemicals and it has been accredited third party tested
  • Certain discounts tend to be available at specific times with various discount codes when you buy 2 or more products so savings can be made when you buy in bulk instead of 1 pack orders.
  • It includes a 3-seal system to ensure product integrity and to ensure it is tamper-proof at all times

Cons you need to know also:

  • There is no DHT inhibitors included here to help restore hair loss and regrow hair once again
  • Many of the health benefits are not guaranteed and they are certainly not certified by the Food and Drug Administrations.
  • Don’t expect it to cure or treat any illnesses, sickness or diseases as again this product has not been certified to do so.
  • In minor cases, it can cause bloating, diarrhea or upset stomachs so it won’t be suitable for everyone

Price Guide: Less than $20 @ Amazon

Further images are outlined below:

  • Bio Schwartz Organic Coconut Oil

Section 3: General information – Advantages / Support / Directions / Ingredients:

Advantages over its Rivals:

Potent 2000 mg per serving
Premium supplement ingredients
Strict quality control standards
Formulated by doctor professionals
Allergen and GMO free
Free of harmful additives
Free of dairy, wheat, peanuts, sugar etc

Possible Personal Support:

Healthy nails and skin
Supports weight loss
Supports improved hair quality
Supports mental well being
Clearer skin with anti-aging support
Assists blood pressure balance
Supports healthy cholesterol levels
Promotes higher energy levels


Take 2 soft gels each day
1 pack will last 60 days
2000 mg per serving
Do not exceed 2 soft-gels / day
Take 1 in the morning with food
Take 1 in the evening with food

Free from:

Binders & preservatives
Trans Fat / Non-GMO
Solvent and Gluten free
Artificial ingredients
Soy, milk, egg, shellfish
Corn/wheat, peanuts, sugar


100% pressed organic coconut
Extra virgin oil content
Gelatin & Glycerin
Purified water & Carob
GMP certified & Gluten free
Made in the USA

Section 4: What do Previous Users Say? 8 Examples

  1. Since I have started using this, it has really helped me with my digestive system and managing my weight loss ambitions and overall feel much more comfortable
  2. Being made in the USA is great and it is more convenient taking it from a capsule instead of a jar. The brand is highly reputable, but you do need to store them in a cool dry place for the best appearance. It includes the healthy fats that the body needs to help your digestive system, prevent heart disease and improve blood pressures
  3. It has helped to curb my appetite, so I don’t tend to snack as often anymore which is great to help managing my weight. I noticed less pain in my joints and felt I had more energy for the more difficult days of the week
  4. I have been using this to help my blood pressure and help me to lose weight and the results have been fair to acceptable. Any added help to lose a few pounds goes a long way
  5. Haven’t seen any positive results after using it for a month. It made my skin oily and it can get sticky at room temperature, so it needs to be stored in a cooler place.
  6. I have seen improvements in my hair, nails and skin after 6 weeks of using this as part of a food supplement diet, but the biggest benefit has been the support in losing a few pounds.
  7. It makes me feel bloated, so I am very disappointed in it – wish I was able to use it for longer but for me, it did not work so I had to discontinue buying it.
  8. The pills are far too big to swallow and many had melted together with the higher storage temperature.

Section 5: Our Conclusion with Optional Feedback


Will Coconut oil regrow your hair once again? From our experience, this product has many other health benefits but it certainly wont stop hereditary hair loss in our opinion. It can certainly help you in giving you healthier existing hair that you already have, but it won’t solve your hair-loss problems or your thinning hair regions from our experiences anyway. If you are serious about getting your hair loss problem sorted out once and for all, then check out our recommended list here that can sort out your hair-loss problem once and for all.

Optional Feedback:

Have you used the Bio Schwartz Organic Coconut oil before in the recent past? Anything good or bad to say about it?

Please educate the wider community by leaving your feedback in the comment box section provided below!

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