Hair Loss Classification 2024 – Video Stages


To classify the different stages of hair loss in 2020, a classification system called the Norwood Classification was set up which is used to verify he levels of male pattern baldness from person to person. This system is used to help doctors compare one person with another and there are 2 basic patterns where the hair loss starts to 2 different regions.

2 areas where Hair loss starts:

  1. The Crown area
  2. The temples area

The different types of classification are outlined below:

  • Type I = No recession
  • Type II = Temporal recession of less than 2.5cm
  • Type III = Deeper recession at corner areas and is the primary stage of balding
  • Type III Vertex = Hair loss is mostly in the vertex and the frontal hairline recession may be present
  • Type IV = Enlargement of crown bald spot and further frontal hair loss and temporal recession
  • Type V = Frontal and temporal balding areas enlarge even further. The band separating the two areas becomes narrower and less dense
  • Type VI = Frontal and crown balding areas merge into one and increase in size
  • Type VII = Low hairline in the back and only a narrow horseshoe band of hair remaining
  • Type A = Frontal hairline recession keeps advancing backwards
  • Type IIA = Entire frontal hairline recedes
  • Type IIIA = Frontal hair loss extends to the mid scalp
  • Type IVA = Hair loss moves past mid scalp area
  • Type VA = Hair loss extends towards the crown and back part of the bald area is narrower


Norwood Classification Image and the different types are outlined below



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