How to Grow Healthy Hair 2024 – 10 Tips


Do you need some tips on how to grow healthy hair? If so, then make sure to check out this post which explains a number of steps and tips you can take in order to grow and keep your hair as healthy as it can be.

Our hair is considered to be our own personal crowns and how we wear and style it is completely up to us. But did you know that the human hair is much more complex than how we think it is? A lot could actually go wrong if we don’t take care of it as how we are supposed to.

Medical Conditions:

There are lots of medical conditions that we should take into consideration when it comes to our hair. The most common condition is the Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) or the Male Pattern Baldness. AGA is a common, genetically determined hair disorder that affects both men and women. Do keep in mind that the commonness and seriousness of AGA increase with age. This condition is passed down genetically and hereditarily. It was stated that baldness was inherited from the mother's side of the family, but now, it is believed that it can come from either side of the family.

Hair Loss Causing Factors:

Other causes of hair loss are hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems. Some types of medications and other medical conditions may also cause some types of pattern baldness. Stress also seems to contribute to the risk of obtaining this condition of hairlessness.

It’s not really all that hard to maintain healthy hair, it just needs to be considered as an important part of the body. We really would know what we have until it’s gone, anyway.

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13 Growing Healthy Hair Tips:

1, Trimming:

Trim your hair frequently. By doing this, you are getting rid of split ends that are breaking your hair. In fact, a split end that breaks might just lead to your hair losing more length. It may even lose its shine, volume, and smoothness.

2, Hair Dye

Resist the urge to dye your hair blonde. Bleaching your hair basically kills it and you expose your hair to even more damage and split ends so consider the risks associated to hair dyes before you start using them.

3, Scalp Massaging:

Massage the scalp. Massaging the top of your head helps stimulate blood flow up to the scalp, which could help develop hair growth. Doing this can help bring back hair growth and it can be done with hair oils and masks. This can improve hair thickness as it really gets that stimulation to the scalp.

4, Hair Oil Distribution

Comb your hair. Giving your hair a few strokes frequently is beneficious. By doing this simple thing, you are actually distributing your hair’s natural oils. It’s best to use boar bristle brushes and combing from your scalp down. This spreads the oils evenly, keeping your hair naturally moisturized.

5, Protein Intake

Increasing your intake of protein. Hair is a fibrous protein. Proteins are a great source of keratin which do wonders for the hair, and deficiency in protein increases the risk for hair loss. Some foods rich in protein are lean meat, eggs, fish and beans.

6, Sunshine

Get some sunshine! Vitamin D maintains your cells’ ability to encourage hair growth. It is essential to produce new hair follicles where new hair can grow, as well. So, don’t be shy about letting the sun shine down on that scalp of yours but don’t allow it to heat up too much – moderate levels of sunshine is best

7, Avoid Heat Styling

Styling your hair is totally fine, but make sure to apply some gentleness to it as well. Try not to use heat, as it causes shedding and breakage. Avoiding heat styling will go a long way in helping your hair keep its vibrancy. Choosing hairstyles also help but be careful to choose the ones that do not put too much pressure on your hair and scalp. Tight braids, dreads and ponytails may cause a great of damage when worn for long periods

8, Shampoo Frequency:

Skip daily shampooing. You’ve probably heard that the best-looking hair are from those people who don’t shampoo their hair daily. The reason for this is because shampooing everyday allows little time for your hair’s natural oils to settle and penetrate your hair. It’s probably best if you only shampooed your hair twice or thrice a week, at least.

9, Conditioners

Finish your bath or shower with a cold rinse. Use conditioner for your hair every time you shampoo, then rinse it with cold water to lock the cuticle in place, allowing your hair to look healthy and feel healthy as well.

10, Radiation

Protect your hair from the harmful heat from the sun. One of the reasons for protein deficiency in your hair is the UVB Radiation. Wear hats when strolling out, especially on those days when the sun just seems to be sitting right on top of your head.

11, Minoxidil

Start using Minoxidil. Though the med was initially used to control blood pressure, it was discovered to be an effective treatment for hair loss too. Minoxidil is a topical medication that is used to cure female pattern hair loss and male-pattern baldness. It may slow down the progression of hair loss. The medication is FDA-approved, along with oral finasteride and spironolactone.

12, Avoid Stress

Destress. There is a lot of reasons why hair loss occurs, and stress is one of them. But hair loss caused by stress is temporary. Stress can’t always be prevented, but it sure can be minimized. Focusing on other things that make you feel less aggravated may be one effective solution. Take time to analyze your lifestyle and find out where these stressors are really coming from. Exercising, Meditating and self-monitoring are some effective ways to cut down stress in your life. Maintaining a balanced, nutritious eating regimen of whole foods is important for the strength of your body, as well as your hair.

13, Onions!

Last but not least, Onions! Mother nature has blessed us with a very miraculous gift, though it brings even the toughest to tears: The Onion. It’s known to cure a lot of health problems and lucky for us, Hair Loss is one of them! Onion juice helps improve hair recovery by boosting the level of an antioxidant enzyme, also known as the Catalase. This enzyme helps decay hydrogen peroxide, improving the hair growth cycle.

The vegetable gives a healthy, shiny glow to the hair and it may even become permanent when this is done on a daily basis. These magical bulbs contain antioxidants, such as flavonoids. It is believed that antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, which simply means that it is capable of slowing the hair’s aging process.

Remember that these will help you maintain your long, healthy, vibrant hair, but results won’t come as fast as you think. It’s best that you make this a part of your health care routine. It requires commitment for beauty to flourish as the months and years go by. To learn about our recommended list to resolve hair loss once and for all, then check out the link below.


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