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If you are thinking about or considering buying an iGrow Laser Helmet to treat your current hair loss or thinning hair in 2020, then please make sure to check out this thorough iGrow Laser Helmet Review which will take a very close look at what it can offer and to find out if it really can treat people for hereditary hair loss or thinning hair.

We will present our own opinions based on our own experience and will outline all the main features that you need to know plus all the main pros and cons that have come up that you need to be aware of before you make any buying decisions. In addition, we will also answer a number of frequently asked questions that has come up in the recent past that should hopefully answer most of the queries that you may have. By the end of this review, you should be clear in your own mind if indeed this Laser Helmet from iGrow is the one for you or not and if you should seek alternative hair loss treatment solutions.

Please take note before you begin that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review as prices can change slightly from week to week or month to month depending on local discount or promotional activities, so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below to ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information. This review will be outlined in several different parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most.

Laser Hair Treatment Review Content

  • Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions
  • Part 2: iGrow Laser Helmet Review – Main Features
  • Part 3: iGrow Laser Helmet Review – Pros and Cons
  • Part 4: Conclusion & Feedback

Part 1: Overview & Frequently Asked Questions


Product:iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet
Treatment:FDA cleared for male pattern baldness and Androgenetic Alopecia
Guarantee:6 month money back guarantee and 1 year warranty
Price Guide:$380 to $450 (at the time of this review) – View today’s price here
Reliable Stockist:Amazon – View today’s stock availability here
Support:iGrow support is available at 949-732-1160

Frequently Asked Questions about the iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet:

Q. Can it be used by both men and women?
A. Yes, this laser helmet can be used by both men and women (over 18 years old)
Q. What guarantee is available when buying?
A. They offer a 6 month money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty (seller dependant)
Q. Can it be used with other hair loss treatment programmes?
A. Yes, you can use it in conjunction with other hair loss products – view my recommended list here
Q. How long do the Laser sessions last for?
A. The laser sessions for the iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet lasts for 25 minutes long
Q. Is there a rechargeable battery or a cordless option?
A. No, there is no rechargeable battery so you need to have it plugged into an outlet for operation
Q. How many times per week does it need to be used?
A. It needs to be used every second day
Q. Can it be used by other people in your home?
A. Yes, it can be used by other people as it has the moveable spacing columns to fit different head sizes.

Part 2: iGrow Laser Helmet Review – Main Features

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet


Main Features Summarized:

FDA 510K Cleared
Low level laser treatment (LLLT)
Helps restore and regrow hair
Laser session duration is 25 minutes
Usage is every 2nd day
Studies conducted with proven results
Dual voltage for worldwide use
Moveable spacing columns provided
Various outlet adapters included
Suitable for all head sizes
Designed for all hair types
Headphones are adjustable
Weight is less than 4 pounds
6 month money back guarantee
1 year warranty is available

Main Features to Note:

  • This laser helmet from iGrow claims to treat hair loss problems and help with hair restoration and hair regrowth on your scalp. Its primary objective is to treat thinning hair and reverse hair loss and hair miniaturisation
  • It provides low level laser treatment (LLLT) which is light therapy to promote cellular hair follicles and rejuvenate your hair for the long term. It has a dual voltage system for worldwide use and there are no rechargeable batteries to be concerned about as it needs to be plugged in at all times when in use.
  • It has the 4 adjustable columns with the rotating weight distribution and the customizable headphones for full scalp coverage where it is needed and you also have  comfort while the system promotes faster growth through stimulation.
  • Laser sessions will last for 25 minutes long (every second day) and the LLLT is designed to stimulate those under-performing follicles so that they can grow hair once again.
  • It operates on a system of combining laser and LED light diodes so that it can stimulate and revive hair follicles at the cellular level giving a healthier and stronger head of hair.
  • It has the moveable spacing columns to fit head sizes so it can be used by other people in your home also which can reduce the overall cost on an individual basis and it can treat your whole scalp at the same time hassle free in comfort.
  • To add buyer confidence, there is a 6 month money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty so you can buy risk free but make sure to keep your receipt in a safe place.

Price Guide:

  • When last seen on sale at the time of this review, the price range was in the $380 to $450 region with Amazon which can be doubled checked below if you wish to take a closer look

Further images for the iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet are outlined below (5)

Part 3: iGrow Laser Helmet Reviews – Pros and Cons

Pros (Advantages):

  • It offers a 6 month money back guarantee and 1 year warranty which is great to see them stand behind their product like this which offers a lot of confidence to the general public when buying. In effect you can but this laser helmet completely risk free!
  • Please note that this guarantee and warranty is only available through dedicated sellers or suppliers.
  • They publish their clinical studies and were able to show increased hair of over 30% in both men and women in a 16-week trial period.
  • There is no need to worry about the effectiveness of rechargeable batteries which sometimes can let you down – all you need to do is plug it into a standard outlet.
  • There is no arm or hand fatigue involved which is associated with many of the various laser combs that are available in the marketplace - it is hands free so it is one less thing to worry about.
  • Another pro is the fact that it doesn’t need to be used every single day – the instructions state every other day unlike others that require daily usage.
  • This laser helmet will shut down after the 25 minutes is completed automatically so there is no need to keep track of the timing aspect of it.

Cons (Limitations):

  • The number of lasers in this device is a lot lower than the Thermadone which we have also seen on sale which will give more power and output
  • This laser helmet has the LED’s where more advanced laser helmets or hats offer superior medical grade laser lights
  • The directions state to use every other day which in my opinion is far too vague - it needs to be a lot more clearer than this.
  • It is FDA 510k cleared rather than FDA approved and there is a difference between them.
  • Despite all the positive reviews and clinical studies, a high of people still didn’t get the positive results that they were looking for – view my recommended listed here
  • You need to wait for 25 minutes for the laser session to complete which ideally needs to be planned for without interruption
  • It needs to be plugged in at all times when in use as there is no rechargeable battery included which many other laser brands offer.
  • It has only 22 laser diodes where there is a whole lot more available from other brands such as iRestore, Theradome and HairMax
  • If you have severe hair loss and have been bald for a considerable amount of time with numerous dead hair follicles, then this device will have little to no benefit for you.
  • Far too many people seen little to no improvement and found it to be a complete waste of time and money

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Part 4: Conclusion & Feedback


Do I recommend this laser helmet? Yes and no to be fair (more no than yes). YES, because they have the 6 month money back guarantee so you can buy risk free and NO because I personally didn’t seen any significant improvement in my own hair but please note that just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean that it can’t work for you as my hair type doesn’t represent everyone else’s hair types. Overall, from what I can see, far too many people also did not get the results they were expecting and if you are still looking to sort out your own hair loss problems, then check out my recommended list here which works wonders for me to finally stop my hair loss problem and possibly can work for you also.

Feedback Needed:

Have you used a iGrow Laser Helmet yourself in the recent past or in the last 12 months? Did it work or was it a complete waste of time, energy and money? Or did you try my recommended product list?

If so, please share your experiences and feedback good or bad in the comment section provided below – So that others across the wider community can learn also!!!

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  1. Thank you for this great review for iGrow lasers. I was thinking about my cousin when I was reading it. It seems to be a great idea, but I still have one question: Can he use it even though he suffers from a minor form of psoriasis on his scalp? He’s usually making home-based scalp treatments with specific essential oils mixed with argan and coconut oil, which he leaves on overnight. Do you think he can have this mixture on his scalp while he’s wearing the laser helmet? Let me know your thoughts, please. He’s really desperately looking for some solution to grow his thinning hair back, and I’m feeling so bad for him. That’s why I made some research and stumbled upon your page. Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to visit – unfortunately I cannot advise on this matter. I would strongly recommend that he consult with his own doctor first for a more expert opinion. Regards, Jack

  2. Why would you rate it 1 star if it is the only laser helmet to prove with clinical research that it works? If you’re going to be biased then at least give it 3 stars – now I know not to pay attention to your recommendations.

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