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If you are thinking about or considering buying an iRestore Laser Hair Growth System in 2020, then make sure to check out my own review which will outline all you need to know before you make that all-important decision. (includes 3 video examples)

We will outline our own opinion based on 6 months of using this product, the main features that it has to offer plus all the major pros and cons associated to this hair growth product. In addition, we will also outline some frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past that hopefully will answer most of the queries that you may have.

Please note that guide prices can only be submitted at the time of this review as prices can change week to week based on local discount activities, so please make sure to view the prices checkers outlined below which will ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

Review Overview

  • Product: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System for Men and Women
  • Brand: iRestore
  • Approval: FDA approved
  • Guarantee: 6 months full refund if you are not satisfied
  • Price Guide: $550 to $650 at the time of this review – View Todays Price Here
  • Reliable Stockist: Available at Amazon – View current stock levels here

10 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are results guaranteed?
A. No, results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person
Q2. Will it grow new hair in large bald spots or sever hair loss?
A. No, it will only improve the quality of your hair and reduced the balding process.
Q3. How long does it take to start seeing results?
A. On average, it takes between 3 to 6 months to start seeing results.
Q4. Is there a money back guarantee?
A. Yes, they offer a 100% money back guarantee after 6 months if you are not satisfied.
Q5. Can it be used by both men and women?
A. Yes, the iRestore laser hair growth system can be used by both men and women
Q6. Can this work if you have been bald for a long period of time?
A. No, this will not work if you have been bald for a long period of time and the hair follicle is no longer alive
Q7. How many lasers does it have?
A. It has 51 medical-grade lasers that radiate light energy so that it can be absorbed by the hair follicles and reactivate the follicles you have left to grow stronger and stimulate growth.
Q8. Can it be used with other hair loss treatments?
A. Yes, it is safe to use it with other treatments such as Propecia, Rogaine and shampoos
Q9. How long does each session last?
A. The timer will turn off automatically after 25 minutes
Q10. Can it be used on wet hair?
A. No, your hair must be dry when in use

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review – Features, Pros and Cons:

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Main Points Summarized:

Stimulates hair growth
Optimal wavelength of 650nm
51 medical-grade lasers
Session duration is 25 minutes
Proven in clinical studies
FDA approved for Hair loss treatment
For thinning hair, receding hairlines
Treats alopecia and reduces balding
Used by both men and women
Results generally take 3 to 6 months
6 months 100% money back guarantee
Size is 10.7 by 9.2 by 6.1 inches

Main Features Available:

  • This laser cap is designed to stimulate hair growth and is FDA approved to treat hair loss and regrow hair for both men and women.
  • Results very from person to person and the average people generally starts to see results after 3 to 6 months duration
  • Doctors have clinically tested this laser cap on both men and women and 100% of people tested seen positive results with increased hair counts after 4 months of use
  • This laser hair growth system has been developed in GMP-certified facilities, it is hands free and durable and made with high quality materials
  • For even better results, you can also use it in conjunction with finasteride, minoxidil, specialized shampoos or foams such as Rogaine
  • It is totally 100% safe to use and doesn’t require any intake of caps or tablets and it can be used at home while carrying out various other lighter type duty chores
  • There are 5 pads on the inside to provide maximum comfort on your head at all times, a timer is included to keep track of your sessions and it provides low-level laser therapy in a non-invasive way.

Price Guide:

  • The price guide at the time of this review was quite high and ranged from $550 to $650 with Amazon and can be doubled checked below if you wish to take a closer look.


Further Images of the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System are outlined below:

Pros or Advantages

  • The first thing is that this laser medical device is FDA approved so you know it has been tested and has proven results from an approved institute and has gone through a series of clinical testing
  • They offer a full refund after 6 months which offers great peace of mind if you decide to buy.
  • It works on both men and women and can be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments such as shampoos, tablets or foams.
  • Much better and easier to use than a laser comb and gives much better scalp coverage all round and there is no arm or hand fatigue to worry about when comparing to laser combs
  • It is comfortable to use with 5 different pads internally to provide maximum head comfort and you can keep track of your work with the timer provided
  • It can be used to improve the quality of your hair – not just for treating hair loss problems and it turns off automatically after 25 minutes which is one less thing to worry about.
  • Even though the price is quite high, it is still considerably less expensive than a hair transplant procedure

Cons or Disadvantages

  • You have to wait for 3 to 6 months to see any visible results and even at that, it is not guaranteed that it will work
  • Price would be seen as quite high when compared to various other laser hair devices seen across the market.
  • For better results, you may need to use more hair loss treatments such as finasteride, minoxidil, DHT inhibitors and shampoos which is an additional cost to you.
  • Limited results for people who are completely bald on top, more for thinning hair and receding hairlines only and to help the existing hair that you have left.
  • If you are looking for an overnight success story, then this is not for you as this system needs a lot of time and patience to see results
  • You need to consistently use it every day so you will need to build it into your daily routines which takes time and effort
  • It can improve the harr quality of thinning hair you have but it won’t bring back hairs that can been gone for a long period of time
  • Unfortunately, it won’t work for every single person out there but it is worth a try in my opinion

Operational, Storage and Safety Tips:

  1. Hair needs to be dry prior to use
  2. Keep out of reach of children
  3. Do not stare into the lights
  4. Keep away from pets
  5. Store in cool dry place away from water
  6. Use before application of Rogaine (not after)

Not Suitable For:

  1. People with severe hair loss
  2. People who have been bald for a long time
  3. People who have large balding areas
  4. People under 18 years old
  5. People with conditions sensitive to light
  6. People who are not willing to invest time


Yes, with the great money back guarantee of 6 months I can certainly recommend this iRestore laser hair growth system to help improve the hair you have as it can increase your cell metabolism and blood flow in the scalp region if you have thinning hair. In addition, for a better outcome with thinning hair, I also suggest using it with a combination of other hair loss treatments for the best possible results such as finasteride, minoxidil, specialised shampoos (example Nizoral) and Rogaine foam.

If you are completely bald and the hair has disappeared completely or if you have large balding spots, then this will not work for you and you will probably need a hair transplant if it means that much to you.

If you are visiting from the US – then please check out and view my recommended programme here to finally sort out your hair loss problems.

Feedback Request:

Have you used the iRestore Laser Hair Growth Cap System yourself? Did it work or was it a complete waste of time and money? Or did you follow my recommended programme?

If so, please share your experiences and feedback good or bad in the comment section provided below – So that others across the wider community can learn also!!!


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  1. Hey Jack, Interesting article about iRestore lasers and I appreciate the level of detail provided, now I don’t have any bald spots just yet but my hair is beginning to thin out a little bit on top so can you use it as a preventative tool I wonder? The other thing I wanted to ask about is whether there is any potential side effects to other areas of health, I’m always a bit conscious about side effects

    • No, there are no side effects and it is definitely worthwhile as a preventative mechanism when your hair has started the thinning process. Regards, Jack

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