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There are hundreds if not thousands of hair loss treatment products out in the market at the moment and I have certainly tried my fair share of them but the products that I choose to work with each day and the ones that I personally recommend are basic, low priced and are fairly easy to get your hands on.

These products will maintain the level of hair that you have and improve the quality and density of your current hair follicles. However, if you have a large bald spot and the hair follicle has completely disappeared or if you are completely bald, then the only way to replace that hair is to go down the hair transplant surgery route.

If you prefer to stay away from surgery and would rather keep your remaining hair and stop the male pattern baldness process, then you can start a daily programme which I do daily outlined as follows as advised by my professional registered specialist hair loss doctor and it can work for you also which is a combination approach.

  1. Finasteride – get a prescription from your local doctor for 3 boxes that will last 12 months
  2. Tablet Cutter or Pill Cutter– use this to split these Finasteride tablets into 4 pieces
  3. Nizoral Shampoo – to be applied 3 to 5 times per week and let it soak in for 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Regaine – apply the foam to the affected areas once per day minimum (can be applied before you go to bed)

Please note that this works better for men who have light or moderate hair loss or if you have poor quality follicles in place. These products won’t grow new hair that has been lost completely but improves the quality of your existing hair significantly and stops the hair loss quickly so you can keep the hair you already have.

Further details of these 4 products that I use each day are outlined below:

1, Finasteride 5 mg Tablets

Key Features:

Film coated tablets 5 mg for androgenetic alopecia
Approved for medical use – FDA approved
Similar brands are Proscar and Propecia
Treats androgenetic alopecia
Most effective on the vertex regions
Increases terminal hairs in the anagen phase
28 tablets per box and you split each of them in 4
3 boxes will give you approx. 1 year’s supply
Some possible mild side effects need to be noted
Reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels
Also used for reducing prostate cancer
30% improvement in hair loss after 6 months
Only effective if you continue to use it daily
Proven to inhibit & reverse hair miniaturization
Available from your local doctor

2, AcuLife Pill Splitter with Storage Compartment

Key Features:

Perfect size for splitting and cutting pills or tablets
Storage compartment included
Guide is to split 7 to 10 tablets at a time
Includes the unique "V" Slot to secure the split pill
2 internal storage compartments
Sharp cutter that will last for years
Easy to clean when needed
Little pressure is needed for splitting
Weight of the unit is only 24 grams
Simply put the tablet into position and press down
Price Guide: Less than £6.00
Available @ Amazon

3, Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo - 60 ml

Key Features:

Purpose is to clear the scalp of any residues
Allows the hair follicle to be cleaned thoroughly
Inhibits the build-up where the hair comes through
Includes ketoconazole to bind to hair proteins
Must be used as part of the programme
Use up to 3 times per week for a healthy scalp
Don’t rinse out of the lather immediately
Allow to soak in for 3 to 5 minutes
Also prevents dandruff and dry itchy scalps
Kills the fungus that causes dandruff
Dermatologically tested and fragrance free
1 bottle should last you for 1 month approx.
Recommended to buy 3 bottles at a time
Price Guide: Less than £7.00
Available @ Amazon

4, Regaine For Men Hair Regrowth Foam 3 x 73ml

Key Features:

Extra strength scalp foam with Minoxidil 5%
Treatment for hereditary hair loss (men only)
Suitable for men aged between 18 and 49 years
Fill the palm of your hand and apply gently
Must be applied every day (1 to 2 times)
Popular application time is before you go to bed
Clinically proven for hair loss treatment
Unscented, dries quickly and prevents further hair loss
Contains ethanol anhydrous and lactic acid
Best results are seen as part of the programme
Not to be shaken before use – helps hair regrow again
1 bottle should last you for 1 month approx.
Case of 3 should last you approx. 3 months duration
Price Guide: £35 to £65
Available @ Amazon



A summary of these 4 products are outlined again below

In summary, these are the 4 products I use each day that have been advised by my personal professional certified doctor and I must say I am absolutely thrilled with the results. After 6 weeks I started to see an improvement and 5 years on, I have more hair now than I did back then and the quality of my hair is so much better. The miniaturization of hair has completely stopped and I know now that I won’t be going bald anymore. Do I have as much hair as I would like? No, I don’t but I have enough now to keep me happy and content and thankfully I have now found a solution to suit my own needs to stop further hair loss in the future.

Have you used any of these Hair loss treatment products yourself or even this combination programme before? Did they work for you or were they a complete waste of time and money?

If so, please educate the wider community by leaving your feedback or review about this programme in the comment section provided below - So that others across the Hair loss community can learn also!


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  1. Interesting info. I never heard of Finasteride but it certainly has caught my attention. I have tried so many things and spent so much money trying to sort my own hair problems, this combination approach sounds interesting between the tablets, foam and shampoo. Never heard of Nizoral before either but I give this a trial for a few months and let you know how it goes at a later date

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by. It has worked wonders for me so best of luck to you with this programme and I look forward to hearing your feedback in a few months time. Regards, Jack

    • Yes, only for men I am afraid and it is based on my own results of keeping my own existing hair and stopping the balding process once and for all. I use these products daily as recommended from my own medical hair doctor and they truly do work for me. I would suggest you seek medical advice from a reputable Hair specialist as soon as possible for your own hair-loss problem who can recommend a solution specifically for you. Best of luck to you and apologies that I couldn’t be more helpful. Regards, Jack

  2. I don’t like the many side effects of Finasteride. Do you think the combo of just Rogaine and Nizoral would work on a thinning crown?

    • I have been using Finasteride for over 10 years now with no side effects! You will only have limited results with just the Rogaine and the Nizoral on its own in my opinion. You should reconsider using Finasteride in conjunction with these also as they give the best results when used in tandem with each other. Thanks, Jack

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